Appreciating all different styles and aesthetics, the firm’s goal is to create a space that truly reflects its clients’ individual tastes and needs.

As Interior Designers, our top goal for each project is to bring our client’s vision into reality.  Although it is a seemingly simple mantra, it is an uncommon one in the field of design.  Our firm is a truly collaborative one, guiding clients with various styles into making choices that ultimately lead to highly personalized and custom dream spaces.


Being a Leed certified firm, D2 Interiors are advocates of green design and strive to implement it’s techniques and products whenever possible.


Sabrina Speer and Megan D’Amour are both graduates of the Interior Architecture program at UCLA.

a little about megan and sabrina
When first entering the design field, Megan worked as a “Stager” for multi-million dollar homes. Her innate sense of style helped transform homes and allow the owners to gain tens of thousands of dollars over their asking price. Wanting her designs to last, Megan began her schooling at UCLA in their Interior Architecture program and turned to the permanent installations for a high-end residential firm in Santa Monica, immediately impacting the traditional firm with unique choices and clean lines particular to her personal style. Her talent with computer renderings can be easily generated for quick explanations of spaces or extremely detailed to show the future home to a client. Megan recently opened the Lincoln branch for D2 Interiors in Nebraska. She continues to collaborate on Los Angeles projects and is generating prototypes for a future product line.

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Early in her career, Sabrina worked for top designers, spearheading multi-million dollar projects that focused on every aspect of the design. From specifications on new construction and fine antiques to the finest details of hand towels and accessories, every aspect was meticulously selected. These early exposures opened up a world of high-glamour style and put Sabrina in first hand contact with leading architects, vendors, and contractors, giving her a long list of contacts and resources for D2 that continues to expand. The wide array of projects from Sabrina's past and present clients is a dream come true. Her flexible and creative nature combines with a love of various design styles to truly understand, translate, and execute each client's dream space.

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Our Team


We are very thrilled about introducing, Mary Cone to the group.  She received her degree from the Universtiy of Idaho with a Bachelor of Interior Design and Psychology as well as minoring in Architecture.  She has strong drafting and sketching skills along with many other strengths. She will be joining us in most of our meetings and helping where needed.


  • RimpauKitchenWindowTriple

    Marta Kauffman Hancock Park

    Megan and Sabrina have designed both our home and my office.  I couldn’t be happier.  I literally wake up every day (and it’s been 10 months) grateful that these are the designers we worked with.  Our home is warm, eclectic, but most importantly, it reflects us and our family.  I go to work and love my office.   It’s peaceful, inspiring, perfect.  Their taste is impeccable.  They are collaborative.  They’re organized.  They’re good communicators.  They know how to stick to a budget.  And, they’re really, really nice.  They are the only designers I would ever use.  But I’m never moving.

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  • HaldemanCornerTriple

    Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan Rustic Canyon

    We loved working with D2 Interiors.  This was our first major home remodel and we were very nervous about getting the look and feel we wanted and staying within budget.  They put all of those fears at ease. They held our hands through the tough parts, helping us define a look for the house, sourcing great pieces of furniture, choosing the right colors and surfaces, all while maintaining a strict budget and giving us options that they knew we could afford.  It made a potentially stressful situation really joyful. We love our home and love our designers!

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  • SweenyFabricTestimonial

    Craig and Liz Sweeny Manhattan Beach

    My husband and I have used D2 Interiors on 3 separate occasions and have been equally thrilled with their work all three times. They designed our nursery when our first child was born, and we were so happy we called on them again to design our first home in it’s entirety. Most recently, they helped me redo my husband’s home office with 2 weeks notice as an anniversary gift. Sabrina and Megan worked tirelessly with vendors on this last occasion to make sure everything was ready, and even supervised the installation which had to be completed within just a few hours for a surprise “reveal”. Each time we worked with D2 interiors, Sabrina and Megan truly listened to our vision and brought us great ideas for pieces as well as innovative ideas for using the space we had efficiently. Both designers are respectful, creative, and top notch to work with.

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  • PPTriple

    Max and Pat Linder

    After living in our home for over 25 years it was time to say goodbye to our English garden living room.  It is hard to say goodbye to something that you still like but are just tired of, but D2 Interiors made it all so easy and fun.  Their excellent idea of finding pictures of rooms I love got me focused and in touch with what I was looking for… their way of keeping me on course created a room that my husband and I both love; our living room now feels like our life together lived out in our own space. What is the saying, “it’s in the details,’ or “the sum is made up of its parts?”  That is reflective of how this room came together, and with each decision, D2 Interiors confidently and correctly kept me on course to what we were trying to create, and kept me from going back to the familiar.  They were delightful to work with and are very creative and resourceful in their selections.  I appreciate their sensitivity in helping us create the look that my husband and I desired.  Not only is their design sense the best, they are also very good business women.  They are timely, both with appointment times, deadlines, and billings.  Because it was such a great experience, I can’t wait to redo our old dining room with D2 Interiors help.

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  • Fortuna-Wallpaper-EagleTestimonial

    Tracy Eagle

    I am so grateful for your expert suggestions in decorating my home. I feel blessed to have had the privilege of working with such a talented team of designers. You translated my potpourri of decorating preferences into a well-orchestrated vision. Establishing and creating a personal style that is my own. Based on the details done in my home, the property value increased significantly. The appraiser marveled when she saw the exquisite detail of my beautiful portico!

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