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Ellie Malin Art

Ellie Malin. I first saw Ellie’s work on a site that showcased Simone Haag’s house.  Simone’s house was exquisite, but it was Ellie’s print that lingered with me.  I fell for her transparent layers of vibrant colored geometrical shapes.  I enjoyed very much the beautiful negative space… just white snowy white.  So unforced and calming […]

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MaryAnne Moodie’s Tapestries

I love it when someone’s work crosses my path and I’m instantly ignited inside. I lay in bed my mind racing about how I can use their work in a project or in my own home. I got this feeling when I saw MaryAnne Moodie’s work. Her wovens inspire me to create beauty. meg.

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Hanging White Pots

I can’t get enough of the variety of hanging white ceramic pots. A lovely way to add some height and green to a corner. meg.

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